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Glam Bomb

So Bright Face Care Bundle

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This power couple works together to support clean pores and bright skin! Apple cider vinegar works together with turmeric and bentonite clay to support the reduction of hyperpigmentation, acne, and blemishes.


Momma Knows Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash

Mom knows best! Apple cider vinegar with the Mother is the superstar in this product! Each ingredient works together to fight acne, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation to support clear skin.

You’re Absolutely Bright Clay Mask

Turmeric and Lemon are often used to smooth, balance, and brighten skin. Bentonite clay helps clarify and draw out impurities. Add this action-packed mask to your skincare routine, your skin will thank you! 

This product can help treat large pores, acne, and hyperpigmentation

 Fun fact! Use on armpits to detoxify and brighten.

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How to Use

Scoop (plastic or wooded utensil NO METAL!!)  a tablespoon of powder into a plastic, ceramic, glass, or wooden bowl or container. Add Momma Knows Face Wash until the powder turns into a spreadable paste.

Apply a thin layer to skin and allow to dry. Rinse off with warm water and follow with toner, serum, and moisturizer or oil. 

The face wash can be used alone as clarifying treatment or combined with this mask. 

Momma Knows Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash ( used alone)

After cleansing face, pat dry. Apply a small amount of product to face. Rub in a circular motion to help penetrate the skin. Let sit for 2 minutes, then wipe off with a warm, wet washcloth. You may experience tingling or slight stinging. Test a small area before applying to the entire face.


Use once or twice a week. Always perform a skin patch test before using on the entire area. 


 Momma Knows Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash

Raw, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera Juice, Raw Honey, Clove Essential Oil, Geranium Oil, Glycerin 

You're Absolutely Right Clay Mask 

Bentonite clay, Turmeric powder, Lemon essential oil.