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Glam Bomb

Bomb Elixir Body Oil - Urban Rose

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This Bomb Elixir Body Oil is carefully formulated to provide a lightweight layer of moisture to your skin. This body oil is infused with rose petals that provide the skin with natural sunscreen properties & Vitamin C. With scents of Lemon, White Rose, Muguet, Geranium Leaves, Blue Spruce, & Musk, this oil's scent is not your average rose. This oil can replace or enhance your existing fragrance oil or perfume.


Top notes: Lemon, White Rose, Muguet, and Geranium Leaves

Base Notes: Blue Spruce, Musk

How to Use

Apply to body and hands right after shower or bath while skin is still damp, or whenever skin is dry.


Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, rosehip oil, rose-infused jojoba oil, Fragrance