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Glam Bomb

So Glow Shimmering Body Oil - Super Bomb

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Glow all year long! So Glow Shimmering Body oil comes in three mixable colors and scents, which leaves your skin glowing and moisturized.

Super Bomb's rose gold color leaves skin looking slighted tinted with a soft gold glow.

Almond oil: known to be mild, hypoallergenic oil, known for protecting skin against UV radiation damage and keeping skin soft and supple.

Olive oil: antioxidants that fight free-radical damage contains squalene which is extremely hydrating

Rosehip oil: Rich in Vitamin A, which is known to help fight against age spots and wrinkles, rosehip oil is great for anti-agingS

Safflower oil: prevents dryness and roughness and removes dirt and oil


Top Notes: Pineapple and Plumeria  sweetness Middle Notes: Strawberry Clover

Base Notes: Creamy Musk and Sandalwood 


phthalate free

4 oz.  glass bottle